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Clouds in the Sky – with the campus buildings

There were always the clouds in the sky during the last weekend. Continue reading

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Cats and a Dog

Cats are hungry or sleepy in my campus; a Dog is having a good time with its master. Continue reading

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Inception (2010) ☆☆☆1/2(3.5/4) : Descent into the labyrinth of dreams

Surprisingly to me, “Inception” is a small movie when viewed objectively from the outside. The story is not ground-breaking; it’s in a very familiar area where “Matrix” and other movies about the mind-bending world belong. The movie stays inside its settings and rules, and sticks to them even at the finale. Continue reading

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Moss (2010) ☆☆(2/4) : A rural mystery – more than 2.5hr

After so much hoopla before its release, “Moss”, a much-anticipated Korean thriller of 2010, turns out to be very, very disappointing in almost every way you can imagine due to the fatally misguided direction. It is lazy, incompetent, and, above all, not compelling at all. Despite some good basic elements of a thriller in the screenplay, it is more close to the ennui of the bright summer days in a country town, and, boy, the running time is more than 2.5 hours even if you exclude the end credit. Continue reading

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When I get out of the campus cafeteria

 When I get tired of the campus cafeteria, I just go to somewhere and eat something else.  I shot some of them during the last two months when I got the chance to do it.

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They cannot be aged, but they’re not boring.

 Grand Poobah’s recent post inspired me to assemble these photos from my personal documents. Yes, some of them are timeless and tiresome, but they looked fabulous in one spring afternoon and I liked them a lot.

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Cloudy or Sunny, It’s hot anyway

 Whether it rains or not, it’s always humid and hot. And people and animals look for some cool places.

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The Gym in Campus

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Presumed Innocent (1990) ☆☆☆ (3/4) : A Prosecuted Prosecutor

“An innocent man has nothing to fear, remember that.”, said the cop in Hitchcock’s” The Wrong Man” to Henry Fonda’s arrested character, but we all know his saying is not true at all. Guilty or not, our fate will eventually be decided at the courtroom where the lawyers make arguments on your culpability in front of the judges and the jury. And in that inexorable system pursuing the justice, we tremble in fear for the sheer possibility of punishment sentenced upon us.
Continue reading

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2009 June (An-Dong, East Sea coast, Yang-Yang, and Mt. Seorak)

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