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My cousin’s Cat

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The Accidental Tourist (1988) ☆☆☆ (3/4) : A Healing Process

When I observed the lifestyle of Ryan Bingham in Jason Reitman’s wonderful movie “Up in the Air” early in this year, Lawrence Kasdan’s 1988 movie “The Accidental Tourist” came to my mind. Like him, Macon Leary(William Hurt) knows a lot about traveling around by plane. He can tell you how to pack your bag as small as possible(“In travel, as much as in your life, less is invariably more”). He can tell you how important it is to carry several travel-size packets of detergents. He can tell you why a gray suit is a full proof choice in any situations. He also can tell you where to have a real American meal in London.
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71: Into the Fire (2010) ☆1/2 (1.5/4) : Awful Hollowness based on a real-life war story

Fortunately, “71: Into the Fire”, officially released on last Thursday in South Korea, is not the bottom of the barrel. But still, it’s near the bottom of the barrel. The movie is not as ideologically repulsive as I feared, but … Continue reading

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Night Fountains

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Summer Begins

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Rabbits, Ducks, Wild Geese, and Night

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The Ghost Writer (2009) ☆☆☆1/2 (3.5/4) : The Trouble with a Memoir

Whatever your opinion about Roman Polanski as a human being is, we all can agree that he is one of the great directors in the film history. In the career as tumultuous as his life, he has made several great films including “Rosemary’s Baby” and “Chinatown” while making very disappointing movies. And now, with his new movie “The Ghost Writer”, it is apparent he is still a immensely talented director who knows how to make a good thriller. With chilly, foreboding atmosphere and a subtle sense of humor, this calm but compelling movie proves that the most important thing for the thriller is how to pull us, not how to ambush us. Continue reading

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