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The photos from a Holiday

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Scenes from 2010 Chinese New Year

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Snow: 3/17-3/18

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My hometown in Winter light

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Derived from a Wedding – Devoid of a Coupling

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Spring Seems Shorter – Scenery Still Sweeter

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Okay, Don’t Laugh…

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The Experience of Watching the Added Grandeur – and Its Heart

  There must be many ardent admirers who know far more than me about Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”(1927), one of the great movies in the 20th Century. They will provide you more detailed and accurate knowledges about this unforgettable masterpiece after … Continue reading

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Day 5 (April 25th) : Song & Farewell & Afterthought

The last day of Ebertfest finally came, but it was still happy to be get together with others. The last movie of the festival, “Song Sung Blue”, is the documentary about the human spirit. Mike and Claire Sardina, as Lightening and Thunder, had been wonderful performers on the stages. Maybe their acts were not original(Mike sang Neil Diamond songs, and Claire did the songs of Patsy Cline, Blondies, and ABBA), but they were popular with people in Milwaukee and you can see why from their performances in video footage. Even if you don’t have much interest in these songs, they would draw your attentions with the joy of singing. And they were good singers.
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Day 4 (April 24th) : Vincent, Trucker, Barfly, and a missed one

Day 4 was for four movies. Due to the lack of sleep, I was in the worst condition, so I didn’t react well to “I Captured the Castle”. But I enjoyed Q & A just like others and I promised myself that I will check this movie again someday even if I can’t write anything about movies for a while. Continue reading

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