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My first movie review in English

This is my first movie review written on 08/12/07. I found several errors, but I decided to keep them intact. By the way, the movie was one of the worst Korean movies of the last decade. I initally gave the movie one and half stars out of some pity, but I want to give it BOMB now. The movie was far worse than “The Last Airbender”. Continue reading

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Educating Rita (1983) ☆☆1/2(2.5/4) : When the movie doesn’t believe in characters

The main problem of Lewis Gilbert’s “Educating Rita”(1983) is it does not believe in its two characters much. If the movie just had concentrated on the dynamics between these interesting people, the result could have been a lot, or a little at least, better than what we get now. However, it pads their story with useless elements, and that is the major mistake of this movie. Whenever it does not have two good characters created by two fabulous performers on the screen, the movie loses its power in most cases, and, alas, that happens quite frequently throughout the story. While enjoying good parts of it, I lost my interest minute by minute. Continue reading

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Spiders of KAIST

Although they live in a science/technology universtity, they do not have any special ability except natural ones.
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Avian urban gangs

These greedy animals are very good at extortion. I had to give them snacks for posing in front of my digital camera. Continue reading

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Chicago Historical Museum

Taken on 04/12/10 – when my feet were more comfortable than the previous week. Continue reading

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Wicker Park – Ukrainian Village (Chicago, IL)

St. Mary of Angels Church – Flat Iron building – Wicker Park – Nelson Algren House – Polish Museum – Ukrainian Village with two churches(Nicholas and Volodymyr)

04/07/10: It was nightmare in the afternoon. I was in a hurry. I ran down N. Milwaukee Ave. instead of waiting for the bus, and I was soaked with sweat when I waited for someone to open the door of Polish Museum. After visting Ukrainian village, I forgot to buy sneakers again. Damn!
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Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988) ☆☆1/2(2.5/4) : So, where is The Man behind the Car?

Francis Ford Coppola’s ambitious movie “Tucker: The Man and His Dream”(1988) curiously reminds me of nice-and-clean biography sets for elementary school students I used to read during my childhood years. In those books, there were always good-looking pictures depicting what great men and women did in their lifetime whenever I turned each page, and, of course, they were accompanied by the story written for them. From these books, I learned how great their achievements were, but I do not think I learned anything substantial about them as the human beings from the story. Of course, those books were well-intentioned for me and other kids, and I liked them. The problem is, they were hollow, and they did not leave me any big impression except those nice pictures.
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The Art Institute of Chicago – Contemporary Art after 1960

These photos were taken on 04/14/10 during my Chicago visit. After appreciating lots of artworks at The Art Institute of Chcago, I was tired. Fortunately, the last ones- which belong to contemporary art after 1960 – were profoundly simple – or simply profound. Continue reading

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The Kids Are All Right (2010) ☆☆☆1/2(3.5/4) : Everybody all right?

“The Kids Are All Right” is quite conventional inside in contrast to what it seems on the surface. We see a unconventional family at the beginning, but we begin to see the dynamics within this family is not so different from the one within conventional families. The family has problems familiar to us, the drama of conflicts and hurts is unfolded in a way we expected, and, in the end, everyone is almost all right as we have seen in many family dramas. However, the movie is more than that. It is not just conventionally unconventional; it is also emotionally honest story with lots of heart.
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Andersonville and Lake View (Chicago, IL)

More photos I took while walking around Andersonville and Lake View on 04/07/10. I wore shoes at that time, and my feet screamed every step. Continue reading

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