10 movies of 2018 – and more: Introduction

As 2018 is coming to its end, I think about how things have become a little more stable for me during this year. After two years since my graduation with a doctoral degree in Biological Science, I finally found a job position where I can work well, and I have been quite content with my current workplace for more than one year. I get paid fairly well, I interact well with my workplace colleagues despite my social awkwardness, and, thanks to a considerable amount of free time available to me, I also come to enjoy reading books and watching movies more than ever.

While I am certainly concerned a lot about how things have gotten worse thanks to Donald Trump and other fascistic figures around the world during this year, I still have some hope and optimism as calming myself with nice things such as good movies, and I must say that 2018 is another wonderful year full of excellent movies worthwhile to be mentioned in my list. As a matter of fact, I gave 3.5 or 4 stars to more than 30 films while reviewing more than 260 films during this year, and I decided to expand my list a bit after concluding that all of these superlative works deserve to be included in my list.

By the way, some of you will probably notice that my list does not include a number of acclaimed films of this year including “The Favourite”, “Green Book”, “If Beale Street Could Talk”, “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”, “Widows”, “Capernaum”, and “Happy as Lazzaro”. Many of them are not released in South Korea yet, so I cannot include them in my list, but I will review them as soon as possible once they come to South Korea in the next year. If the buzz surrounding them turns out to be genuine, I will surely be happy and excited about that, and I will definitely mention them at the end of the next year.

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