10 movies of 2017 – and more: Introduction


2017 has been another terribly eventful year for many of us. As I and many others worried from the beginning, Donald Trump and his corrupt cronies have tarnished and demolished what makes the American society great, and those frequent news about their deplorable deeds surely made me more worried and depressed like those recent alarming news about North Korea did. Are things really falling apart as many of us has dreaded since Trump’s shocking victory in the US Presidential election of last year?

Anyway, there are still many good things in the world which make me go through another day, and I am glad that I watched and then reviewed more than 180 films during this year. Although there was another big change in my life and career, I felt all right while enjoying and analyzing good movies, and I was excited whenever I could share my inconsequential opinions with my online critic friends including Michael Mirasol, Michał Oleszczyk, and Nathaniel Hood, a young promising guy who somehow usually found time for talking about many trivial things with me.

Before talking about my favorite films of this year, I have to remind you of something I told you many times before. Because I live in South Korea, I have not yet watched a number of notable movies released in this year, but I will probably watch “Call Me by Your Name”, “Lady Bird”, “The Shape of Water”, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”, “The Florida Project”, “The Darkest Hour”, “The Post”, “I, Tonya”, “Disaster Artist”, “Phantom Thread”, “Coco”, and “Jane” during next two months. I will review them as soon as I watch them, and, if they are as excellent as many critics said, I will surely mention them at the end of the next year.

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