10 movies of 2016 – and more: Introduction


It has been a pretty bad year for many of us. Many famous figures including David Bowie, Prince, Umberto Eco, Muhammad Ali, Leonard Cohen, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, and Debbie Reynolds passed away during this year, and there was also the dire, shocking result from the US presidential election in last month. Watching the alarming rise of Donald Trump and many other reckless demagogues around the world, I wonder whether our world is actually going down toward the darkness observed in Alfonso Cuarón’s “Children of Men”, whose dystopian world has unfortunately become more relevant than before.

Meanwhile, things have been a little better in my life during last several months. I have been paid more in a more stable position than before, and it seems I may accomplish something in 2017 if I keep studying and working more. In addition, I came out of the closet in this September, and now I have a few gay acquaintances I can talk with.

Anyway, 2016 is another interesting year for me and other moviegoers, and I am glad that I watched a fair share of good films during this year. Because I live in South Korea, I could not watch a number of notable movies released in this year, but I will probably watch “Moonlight”, “Manchester by the Sea”, “Fences”, “Silence”, “Paterson”, “Toni Erdmann”, “20th Century Women”, “Jackie”, “Arrival”, “The Red Turtle”, “Moana”, “Hacksaw Ridge”, “Hidden Figures”, and “Lion” during next two months. They will surely be mentioned at the end of the next year if they are excellent as other reviewers have said – and if you and I are still alive at that point, of course.

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