10 movies of 2015 – and more: Introduction


2015 is another good year for me and other movie audiences. When the previous Oscar season was over early in this year, things became less exciting as before, but then there came many surprises and excitements as usual, and my annual list is now full of terrific movies I will remember for a long time. It is a shame that I have not watched some of the highly acclaimed films of this year yet, but I will probably watch them all during the first two months of 2016, and then the reviews will be followed by my routine Oscar prediction.

In case of my life, I got a post-doc job in some national university near my hometown early in this year after my long, miserable years of Ph.D course in Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and I still do not know where my academic career is going. I do know that I like good books and movies and I’d love to talk or write about them, but I am not so sure about what I really want to do with my academic career, and I am just hoping that things will turn out to be fine for me in the end despite many moments of depression and frustration during last nine months.

Anyway, here is my annual list of the wonderful films I saw during 2015, and I hope it will be useful for you if you need to watch some good movies from this year. You will probably notice that “Spotlight”, “Carol”, “Room”, “Grandma”, “45 Years”, “Son of Saul”, “The Big Short”, “Anomalisa”, “Steve Jobs”, “Brooklyn”, “The Revenant”, and “The Hateful Eight” are not mentioned in this list, but I will definitely mention them at the end of 2016 if they are as good as I have heard from others.

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