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Charlie’s Angels (2019) ☆☆1/2(2.5/4): Here go Angels….

During my undergraduate years at Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), one of my favorite things at the campus was the weekly screening of recently released movies at the campus hall. Although the screening condition was not exactly … Continue reading

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Haywire (2011) ☆☆☆(3/4) : Don’t mess with her…

“Haywire” is an entertaining film based on a seemingly bland premise of spy action movie. Although its plot is a little shaky(I do not exactly understand what the bad guys gain through their scheme though their motive is explained later), … Continue reading

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I Saw the Devil (2010) ☆☆☆ (3/4) : It has everything – including a toilet stool

“I Saw the Devil” provides almost everything to shock you and repel you – and I admired it at some degree. The movie acquired its notoriety even before its release in South Korea due to the conflict with Korean Media Rating Board(About 1.5 minutes was cut from the original version in the end). It has been striking our Korean audience with a little mercy since this Thursday while inducing discussions among them about the violence in the movies. I guarantee you, the movie will be the most controversial South Korean movie of this year.
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