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Cats, Geese, and Autumn leaves (11/04/13)

                                                          It’s getting cold, colored leaves are everywhere…

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The Trouble with Harry (1955) ☆☆☆1/2(3.5/4) : Shovelling on one fine autumn day

 While he has been called “the Master of Suspense”, Alfred Hitchcock has also been called “the Master of the Macabre”, and that title is exemplified well by his delightful black comedy “The Trouble with Harry”(1955), On the surface, it looks … Continue reading

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The Autumn Weekend (2012/11/03)

                                                                                   The sky is clear and blue and the trees look lovely under the bright sun…

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Endless Road, Cats, Geese, and Asian raccoon dog

Leaves are falling from trees, Cats are resting on their places, Geese are begging something to eat, and Asian Raccoon dog is night by night getting fat .

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Those Autumn Days

Photographed on 2009/11/15

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