10 movies of 2021 – and more: Introduction

Again, we are reaching to the end of another year, but, as many of you know, things have not been that good these days. We are still stuck with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and, as far I as can see, this may not go away even around the end of the next year. I was already vaccinated twice, but I and many others were recently notified that we should get a booster shot sooner or later, and that makes me feel more pessimistic about the next year.

Anyway, movie festivals returned with some caution during this year, and I have kept going to theaters as wearing a mask as before. At a few local movie theaters I have trusted a lot, I watched many interesting new movies during this year, and I also encountered a fair share of other good movies at my residence, though I still prefer to watch movies at theaters instead of my residence. That is why I was glad to see that several notable Netflix films were shown more widely in South Korean movie theaters before their eventual online release, and I hope this welcoming trend will be continued during next several years at least. I still do not like “The Harder They Fall” and “The Hand of God” enough, but I enjoyed watching them on a big screen nevertheless, and I was also exalted to behold “The Power of the Dog”, which is Jane Campion’s triumphant comeback besides being one the best films of this year.

Anyway, there are still a considerable number of small and big films released in 2021, and I have not watched some of those very good films of 2021 yet, but I have managed to watch and review around 300 movies during this year. As usual, I submit here the list of a bunch of good movies you should not miss, and I hope this list will help you have a more entertaining time later.

By the way, as an audience living in South Korea, I still cannot watch several notable films of this year including “Licorice Pizza”, “The Worst Person in the World”, “A Hero”, “Parallel Mothers”, “The Lost Daughter”, “The Souvenir, Part II”, “Nightmare Alley”, “The Tragedy of Macbeth”, and “West Side Story”. They all will soon be reviewed, and I will certainly mention them at the end of the next year if they are as good as others say.

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