10 movies of 2020 – and more: Introduction

2020 has been pretty hard and difficult for many of us. At the beginning of this year, COVID-19 merely looked like a problem for several countries including mine, but then it has been spread all around the world during last several months, and our global world has been devastated a lot by its ongoing ramification which will be continued for next several years at least.

As we all know, many business fields have been seriously affected by the COVID-10 pandemic, and movie business has been no exception. Numerous new movies have been delayed in their production or theatrical release for several months while many theaters are closed down for public safety, and even major Hollywood movie studios came to surrender as choosing to release some of their latest products via streaming services instead. In case of South Korean theaters, many of them are still in business while releasing new movies every week as usual, but they are naturally restricted by the increasing level of social distancing, and the number of audiences has been considerably decreased despite a few notable local hit movies.

Anyway, there are still a considerable number of small and big films released in 2020, and I have managed to watch and review more than 290 movies during this year. As usual, I submit here the list of a bunch of good movies you should not miss, and I hope this list will help you have a more entertaining time later.

By the way, as an audience living in South Korea, I still cannot watch several notable films of this year including “Minari”, “The Father”, “Nomadland”, “One Night in Miami”, “Small Axe”, “News of the World”, “Another Round”, and “Promising Young Woman”. They all will soon be reviewed, and I will certainly mention them at the end of the next year if they are as good as others say.

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  1. Looking forward to your picks!

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