10 movies of the 2010s – and more: Introduction


When I started this blog in early 2010, I never imagined I would be still be writing movie reviews here at the end of the decade. I simply wanted to write around 50 movie reviews a year for sharing my opinions on movies with several friends of mine including late Roger Ebert, but then I found myself spending more time on watching and reviewing films, and I wrote around 330 movie reviews during this year.

And I also never imagined that I would have some hard time in selecting the best films of this decade. While my annual lists during last 10 years surely helped me a lot, I was amused at times how some of my No.1 films remain great as usual while others turn out to be, well, a little overrated. To be frank with you, I chose “La La Land” as the best film of 2016, but then “Moonlight” has grown on me as time goes by, and so has “Phantom Thread”, which has kept popping out in my mind since I watched in early 2018.

Anyway, here is my inconsequential list of the best films of the decade, and I hope you will also look into the separate lists focusing on animation films, documentary films, and, yes, South Korean films, which has recently reached to another peak thanks to “Parasite” and several other remarkable works which deserves more attention. It has been another interesting decade, and I hope we will survive and keep having a fun with movies during the next decade.

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