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Cats, Geese, and Autumn leaves (11/04/13)

                                                          It’s getting cold, colored leaves are everywhere…

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All Is Lost (2013) ☆☆☆1/2(3.5/4) : Our Man and the Sea

Nearly stripped of every expected convention, “All Is Lost” is so pure and simple that it does not look like an interesting movie at first. There is no back story or flashback for its lone hero, and its reticent aging … Continue reading

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Steel Cold Winter (2013) ☆☆☆(3/4) : A dark, bloody winter romance in the countryside

South Korean film “Steel Cold Winter”, which is released as “A Girl” at South Korean theaters in this weekend, is dripping with the moody atmosphere which will draw you to its dark secret hidden behind one mysterious girl and the … Continue reading

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Mr. Nobody (2009) ☆☆(2/4) : I’m sorry, but which timeline is he talking about?

 “Mr. Nobody” juggles its balls with all the ambition it has, but I could not hold on to that. As going back and forth between its five or six parallel timelines, it eventually loses its ground and then gets lost … Continue reading

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Like Someone in Love (2012) ☆☆☆1/2(3.5/4) : Like Someone in Lies

After delighting us with “Certified Copy”(2010), Abbas Kiarostami enjoys himself again in his latest film “Like Someone in Love”. While it looks like a plain, exemplary Japanese film made with the local actors and crew on the surface, his own … Continue reading

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The Purge (2013) ☆☆(2/4) : A suburban night of legalized killings

“The Purge” starts with an outrageous but intriguing premise: what if the society temporarily allows killings as a way of ventilating the social anger/resentment pressed inside its individuals? I can think of at least five or six implausible aspects of … Continue reading

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Thor: the Dark World (2013) ☆☆(2/4) : To be continued…

 I usually think reviewing movie trailers is pretty ludicrous, but I seriously doubt that my review on “Thor: the Dark World”, the sequel to “Thor”(2011) and also one of the latest entries in the Marvel Comics mega-franchise, would be inappropriate … Continue reading

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