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The Martian (2015) ☆☆☆1/2 (3.5/4): Stranded Alone on Mars

Even though we have learned a lot about Mars since the Viking 1 lander touched down on its surface in 1976, our red neighbor planet still remains as intriguing and mysterious as many other distant places in our solar system … Continue reading

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Space Station 76 (2014) ☆☆1/2(2.5/4) : One-joke space comedy in retro style

 If you have ever had a guilty pleasure moment with those dated SF films from the 1970s, “Space Station 76” may appeal to you to some degrees as an one-joke space comedy which tries to hang its tongue on the … Continue reading

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Gravity (2013) ☆☆☆☆(4/4) : It’s really terrifying to be floated alone in the space

 One of the sweet memories during my trip to Chicago in 2010 was watching movies with my friend and mentor Roger Ebert during one sunny Thursday afternoon. We watched three movies together along with his lovely wife Chaz and his … Continue reading

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Europa Report (2013) ☆☆☆(3/4) : A Hard SF recorded on Found footage

When I heard about “Europa Report” at first, it looked like one of those ‘found footage’ horror films, and it really is. The movie mainly revolves around the video clips from a doomed space mission(this is not a spoiler at … Continue reading

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